Dental 3D Printing Software

Our Dental 3D Printing software solution guides you through dental workflow. 2BUILD is your partner in professional construction job data preparation.

Our CAM software offers an optimized connection to your CAD environment and provides you with a variety of options for individual optimization of your process parameters.

  • Simple operation
  • Fast slicing thanks to multi core optimization
  • Support strategies for intimate support generation on dental components
  • Optimized printing strategies for common dental components
  • Central, cloud-based management of printing strategies

Strategy Editor

Print strategies are the recipe for 3D printing. For each type of powder, also depending on the manufacturer, an adapted printing strategy is required.

  • Easy creation of new print strategies
  • Cloud-based management of print strategies (auto update of new strategies)
  • Complete control over all parameters (hatching, contour)

Support Editor

The right support structures are crucial for successful 3D printing. Our sofftware gives you full control over the right supports.

  • Automatic support generation based on part properties
  • Manual support design and removal
  • Cloud-based management of support strategies.

Design of Experiments

Developing new printing strategies is time-consuming and complicated? Not with our strategy development feature.

  • Smart and automated generation of DoEs for any process parameter
  • automatic part density calculation based on micrographs (based on smart image recognition)
  • calculation of the optimal working point and graphical evaluation of the results

Full Integration

Our software allows the import of the most common 3D file formats. Besides STL, the 3mf format integration is a core feature. This gives us maximum compatibility to your integration requirements.

  • CLI import & G-code conversion
  • Export of all native elements created in the software

Your requirement is not supported so far?

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G-CODE Approach

If you want to offer a transparent solution for 3D printing, you also have to be transparent with the exchange format. Our software exports the print data in G-CODE format. Each laser line is represented by a simple G-command. The same goes for the setting of the laser, BeamExpander and laser speed. Effects can be easily reproduced this way.

You want to manipulate the G-code yourself to integrate it into your environment? — No problem, just do it!


Manage all data, strategies and settings in one central location? This is possible with our solution 2Connect. Here you can manage all strategies centrally in the market place.

If we have developed a new strategy for a new powder, you can simply obtain it free of charge via the marketplace and integrate it into your software. The software automatically synchronizes itself online and brings your process parameters up to date. Simply fast, efficient.